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150w Microwave Sensor Warehouse LED lights to Spain
150w Microwave Sensor Warehouse LED lights to Spain
LED Package process SMD
The packaging process of the SMD LED is to first configure the phosphor and epoxy resin to make a mold, then make the epoxy resin with the phosphor powder into a glue cake, and stick the glue cake on the chip, around Then fill with epoxy resin to make 5050 LED patch in SMD package.
300W Shoe Box light project in Dubai
300W Led shoe box street light are ready ship to Dubai, replacement for 1000W traditional HPS lamps. Our led street light are 85% energy saving with much longer lifespan.
flood light wiring instructions
How to install flood lights?  Flood lights Installation Method:  1. Preparation   Any kind of lighting installation requires preparation work, such as the tools to be used in the installation process, and to determine the location of the installation, and whether there is any damage to the floodlight product and its components. At the same time, the installer should read the installation manual of the floodlight in detail, and have a general understanding of the various steps in the installation process. 2、Floodlight installation      Depending on the place of use, there are wall mounted, pedestal, ceiling and other types of installation of the floodlight. Users can use screws to fix the floodlight to the wall according to their actual use of the occasion, but it should be noted that, to avoid the risk of falling in the future, make sure the lamp is firm.
How to choose led stadium lights
How to choose led stadium lights Led stadium lights can be divided into multiple types according to the specific use environment, not the same for every stadium. Sometimes the LED lights used in basketball courts and football courts and badminton venues are different. We must choose according to the lighting needs of our venues.
E27、MR16、GU10, Different lamp holders you need know
E27, MR16, GU10, Different lamp holders you need know In the lighting industry, lamp holders usually have different specifications such as E27, MR16, and GU10. What does it mean? There are 3 commonly used sockets for LED lamps,  E27, MR16, and GU10. E27, MR16, GU10 respectively refer to different lamp holder specifications, some are called lamp holders, and some are called lamp cups. The installation method is divided into bayonet, screw and other methods; from the material, it is divided into bakelite, plastic, metal, ceramic and other materials. E series: E14, E27, E12, E26, etc. usually start with E: screw socket. E27 refers to a screw lamp holder with a screw diameter of 27mm; E14 is a screw lamp holder with a screw diameter of 14mm, and E40 is common. Commonly used lamp sockets such as E27 are the most common screw sockets for energy-saving lamps, while lamp sockets matched with fluorescent lamps are usually called T8 lamp sockets or T5 lamp sockets and so on. In addition, some lamp holders have a protection level of up to IP68 according to the use environment. Please make corresponding IP protection lamp holders (waterproof, etc.) according to your needs when purchasing. Generally, lamp holders will use IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission Standard) safety certification. MR series: MR16, MR11, etc. usually start with MR: straight plug lamp holder. The caliber of MR16=16×1/8 inch=2 inch≈50mm. In terms of appearance, the MR series is a thin pin, and MR16 is a low voltage lamp. MR16 and MR11 start with MR are in-line type. Small spotlights for local lighting often use this kind of lamp holder. Usually, small spotlights have two pins for easy installation. In the lighting industry, MR16 refers to a lamp with a multi-faceted reflector with a maximum outer diameter of 2 inches. MR11 is a lamp smaller than MR16. GU series: GU10: G indicates that the lamp holder type is plug-in, U indicates that the lamp holder part is U-shaped, and the number behind indicates the center distance of the lamp pin hole (unit is millimeter "mm"). GU10 is two round pins, GU10 is a high-voltage lamp. MR16 and GU10 are different for everyone's lamp holders. PAR30 and 38 have different diameters. They are both the world's unified standard and name. They are both lamp cups and spotlights. They are suitable for different ceiling lamp lamp holders. PAR lights generally include PAR30, PAR36, PAR46, and PAR56. They are also called downlights. They are used to illuminate the stage and change colors. It is a common lamp on the stage, because it consumes more power and has a feeling of baking, it is gradually replaced by LED PAR lights. AR111 and AR70 are aluminum cold reflective halogen spotlights, and G12 is a single-ended tubular metal halide bulb.
How to choose LED bulbs?
How to choose LED bulbs? In recent years, LED lights are widely used in the market, but the quality of products is mixed, the price is also confusing; most consumers can not distinguish which is a quality product.  How do consumers correctly choose and purchase the right product? The following tips may be helpful to you. 1. Before you buy a lamp, understand that it is important to determine whether you are buying a light fixture for indoor or outdoor use. How much brightness is needed? How many watts of energy-saving lamps need to be replaced? Or is it a replacement for regular incandescent bulbs? There are different options for different lighting scenarios.  For example; hallway lights, stair lights, bathroom lights, etc. Usually 3W is enough,  But it also depends on the area of the place. For a wider place, choose a larger wattage,Or multiple bulbs.  Or multiple bulbs.  2. The best choice of LED bulbs is to choose a high-power 1W or medium power 0.5W SMD process LED lamps, because SMD patch light decay is smaller. High-power beads cost a bit more, mainly for larger wattage lamps. Medium-power LEDs are slightly less expensive, and are often used for bulbs. 3. LED bulbs must be selected with aluminum heat sink housing. LED lamp beads are most afraid of the temperature. Without good heat dissipation conditions, it is difficult to ensure the life of LED lights and light decay. Without good heat dissipation conditions, it is difficult to guarantee LED lamp life and light decay. 4. When replacing LED lights, pay attention to the original lamp base connector type.  Internationally there are many different types of lamp bases. The common ones are E27.B22.E14.GU10.MR16, etc. 
Singapore 480w TFD LED flood light for outdoor building lighting
Singapore 480w TFD LED flood light for outdoor building lighting


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